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Our Technology

Termodinamica’s VRV direct expansion system has been designed to dynamically adjust the cooling capacity and the humidity based on the individual requests of the cabins. Termodinamica’s proprietary smart software controls manage the capacity on demand needs of the entire system with nearly no wasted energy. 

Variable Cooling Capacity

Traditional air conditioning systems often have fixed cooling capacities, which may be oversized for some periods and insufficient during peak cooling demands. Capacity on Demand addresses this by allowing the system to vary its cooling capacity. 

Variable Speed Compressors

Our compressors can operate at different speeds, allowing for precise control of capacity output.

Zoning and Control

Our Capacity on Demand system offers zoning capabilities, which means we can focus cooling/heating on specific areas or zones of a boat as needed. This zoning is controlled through a central management system ensuring that the zones that require cooling capacity receive it while areas that are in temperature don’t waste energy.

Variable Capacity Air Handlers

Our air handlers are variable-speed controlled and can vary cooling capacity by changing the coil temperature.

Energy Efficiency

By matching cooling capacity to actual demand, these systems can significantly improve energy efficiency compared to traditional on/off systems, with a COP of up to 8. EER 7

Remote Monitoring and Control

Smart software features allow extensive monitoring and control, even remotely, allowing for real-time adjustments and troubleshooting. 

Cost Savings

By optimizing cooling capacity based on actual needs, Capacity on Demand systems can lead to exceptional cost savings in terms of energy consumption and maintenance. 

In summary, Capacity on Demand technology provides a more efficient and flexible cooling solution. It ensures that cooling capacity aligns closely with the actual cooling requirements, improving comfort, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Make the most of your time on the water with our cutting-edge, energy-efficient marine air conditioning system.

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